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Employee Assistance Programs

Employees experience personal and work related issues that affect their performance. Be Psyched provides organisations and businesses with counselling for their employees through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). EAPs are employer sponsored programs and EAP consultants at Be Psyched are highly trained mental health professionals including psychologist, counsellors and social workers. Be Psyched also offers Manager Support services tailored to assist employees in supervisory and leadership positions. Please contact us to find out if you can access counselling with us through your EAP. 


EAP counselling is short term in nature and runs typically for up to 6 sessions depending upon your organisation’s level of cover. Employees and their immediate family members can be covered under and EAP. The Be Psyched counselling style is solution orientated and goal focused which produces real outcomes and results.

Check out our brochures below for more information on how our Employee Assistance Programs and Manager Support can help your staff and organisation.

BePsyched EAP Brochure     BePsyched Manager Support Brochure


What is the ROI for EAPs?

To date, the return on investment (ROI) for EAPs internationally is five to ten times the initial cost. Recent studies of EAPs in Australia have supported these statistics, with standard utility analysis indicating a net ROI of 5.74 times initial investment (Flanagan & Ots, 2011). Through increased productivity and decreased absenteeism, international research estimated monetary benefit of EAP counselling for the employer averages AU$3267.05 per EAP client per year (Hargrave, Hiatt, Alexander, & Shaffer, 2008) and the Australian study suggested this figure could be closer to $4,040.93.


BePsyched EAP Costs


Be Psyched provides both face to face counselling in the North Queensland region and telephone counselling throughout Australia. Video counselling is also provided Australia wide. The team is contactable 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for booking requests.

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