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More Opportunities, More Pathways

Jack Ebert (Be Psyched’s Marketing Intern) shares his experience from a recent representative football trip and how exciting it is to have more than one career pathway.

Having just returned from chilly Penrith, New South Wales, I have finally had the chance to reflect on what was an unforgettable experience – officiating at the Australian Open Schoolboys Rugby League National Championships, and the Festival of Rugby League World Cups (Including national and international Defence Forces, and University teams).

When I received notification that I was one of the four referees selected to officiate at the National Championships, I read the email over and over to see if it was a mistake! I literally jumped for joy all through my house and immediately rang my partner to share the good news with her. She was just as excited for me. It was so humbling to be given the opportunity to participate in such a high standard of football and something I am beyond grateful for.


Just four short weeks after the email and it was time to board the plane for what would be a very exciting trip. With two tournaments running concurrently, there was going to be a lot happening over the next 10 days. The on-field highlights were being in control of a Queensland versus New South Wales match, as well as being appointed to referee my first ever international game between the United Kingdom Defence Forces and the New Zealand Defence Forces. Off-field, the highlights were meeting new people, and getting to work with two very influential mentors – both of whom were very successful NRL referees. A common belief people hold is that professional referees are uptight, arrogant, “know-it-all’s”, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The referees that I’ve had the opportunity to work with, including the group selected for these tournaments, are friendly, respectful, funny people who are relaxed and easy going, but can “flick the switch” and shift focus the moment they step on the field.

An integral part of officiating is the feedback process, and the mentor-mentee relationship. The feedback I have, and continue to receive from my mentors is invaluable. Having that network of people to support, encourage, and coach you, is so uplifting and encourages you to be the best version of yourself. This network is something I am very lucky to have not only in my work with the Queensland and National Rugby League referees, but also right here at Be Psyched!

The NRL is very good at highlighting pathways and what is required to progress your career development, but off-field, I am thrilled to have found something I am also very passionate about – working with the Be Psyched team. My role within the firm is fluid, I assist with all different kinds of projects. The thing that I most grateful for in this role however, is being able to work with the Director, and Practice Manager and have them both as mentors! How lucky am I?!

What is even more exciting is that the older I get, the more empowered I feel by having two clear career paths ahead of me. The feeling of freedom, and being able to actively pursue both with equal levels of vigour and enthusiasm is what gets me out of bed each day! Being able to say, “Right, how am I going to better myself today? How am I going to make sure that I improve on what I did yesterday at work, or in my last game in order to keep moving on these pathways?” is such a good feeling. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or uncertain about my future, being able to develop myself professionally and personally, on the field, and in the office, is rather liberating.

So, what’s next? Who knows. In years to come, I might be well advanced down one or both of these pathways, or I could be doing something that I never would have imagined. Having more than one option can sometimes be overwhelming; if you’re having trouble finding direction, purpose, or simply overwhelmed by career options, then come see us! Because if you’re not excited about where you’re going, it is time to do something about it!