Making your workplace work for you: The importance of positive company culture

While a good pay packet is an important determinant of job satisfaction, at the end of the day if you hate your job, there is a high chance you won’t stick around long!

Though it is common to have multiple jobs throughout your career, finding a company that not only encourages career progression, but provides you the support to do so, will make you more likely to want to stay (if the pay is fair of course). Conversely, business owners and managers want to create work environments that will foster loyalty within their company, and in turn decrease expensive staff turnover. Adopting, and maintaining a positive company culture will result in these inclusive and supportive workplaces, and therefore higher staff retention, and career satisfaction.



Common signs your company needs a culture shock:
  • Staff are being micromanaged: companies hire people because managers can’t do everything by themselves, despite what they might think. Having confidence in staff to their job makes them feel respected and supported
  • You tip-toe around certain staff members (i.e. the boss): when your number one goal is to avoid being yelled at, it creates an anxiety-filled workplace, and decreases performance
  • The office is wrought with gossip/secrets: nothing ruins communication and creates feelings of alienation quite like office gossip. It may seem harmless, but it simply shouldn’t happen!
  • Your stress is manifesting physically: your body is the best indication of how stressed you are, and it should not be ignored! Liz Ryan of Forbes Magazine summed this up perfectly saying “...there's no pay check big enough to compensate you for burying your feelings every day at work.”
Tips for fostering positive company culture:
  • Define what your company represents: making sure all staff know what the company values and what separates it from the competition is important. That way everyone is on the same page.
  • Listen and be heard: from admins through to CEOs, everyone has something to contribute to the culture. Innovation starts with conversation, so don’t be afraid to present all ideas.
  • Increase your plasticity and embrace diversity: changing a toxic culture takes time, but you must be willing to make the change! Having a diverse but well integrated team can be the difference between stagnation and innovation.
  • Take the time to reward achievements: we so often overlook the little achievements we make in our careers and companies. Taking the time to pat ourselves and others on the back can make such a difference.
  • Foster loyalty through an EAP: having an Employee Assistance Program gives staff access to psychological support, increases work performance, and shows their company cares. Sign up to our EAP here.

If your company needs a culture shock, it might be time to give us a call! We can help you to ‘Be Psyched’ about your Career, Life and Relationships! Also talk to us about engaging in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through your business or organisation.