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Coaching and Listening to Feedback Will Make You Great!

Today I was chased down the street because I didn’t pay for my breakfast...

Usually I don’t walk out of cafes without paying - I’ll tell you more about my red-faced experience in a second. For the last couple of days, I’ve been in Sydney upskilling myself further in Executive Coaching, at the very fancy “Institute of Coaching and Consulting Psychology”. As part of my upskilling, I need to listen to feedback on my coaching style, provide coaching to others, as well as do some serious self-reflection.

University of Sydney min

The Beautiful University of Sydney. Notice the GREEN grass for those of us that call Townsville home.

I’m a big believer that once people stop growing, they also stop being able to help others. Given my job is to enable people to reach goals through intellectual and behavioural changes, I (personally) need to continually develop, hence me signing up the executive coaching course. If I’m being honest, part of me thought it would be a ‘nice refresher’, but actually I learned some amazing things, and even had an epiphany thanks to people practicing their coaching skills on me. Now I’ve set the scene, let me tell you about my breakfast.

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More Opportunities, More Pathways

Jack Ebert (Be Psyched’s Marketing Intern) shares his experience from a recent representative football trip and how exciting it is to have more than one career pathway.

Having just returned from chilly Penrith, New South Wales, I have finally had the chance to reflect on what was an unforgettable experience – officiating at the Australian Open Schoolboys Rugby League National Championships, and the Festival of Rugby League World Cups (Including national and international Defence Forces, and University teams).

When I received notification that I was one of the four referees selected to officiate at the National Championships, I read the email over and over to see if it was a mistake! I literally jumped for joy all through my house and immediately rang my partner to share the good news with her. She was just as excited for me. It was so humbling to be given the opportunity to participate in such a high standard of football and something I am beyond grateful for.

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The Benefits of Having a Mentor and Mentee Relationship, and Why Your Employer Should Support It

Alexandra Whitehead (pictured above with her awesome mentor, Carolyn McManus) offers some insight into the importance of Mentor-Mentee relationships. 

Why do I have a mentor?

Over the years I’ve had mentors who are good at asking me the ‘right’ questions, ones which stretch me outside of my comfort zone, challenge my thinking and also my behaviours. It can be a scary process... knowing that you’ve got someone who will keep you accountable! While I’ve had mentors that are psychologists, I’ve also had mentors outside of the psychology industry as well, again to give me a different perspective. These relationships have allowed me to develop lifelong friendships as well as grow both personally and professionally. This thirst for growth is why I have a mentor at all times.

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My Lightbulb Moments

Madisen Ecker (Be Psyched's Practice Manager) shares her career journey into psychology, and the whirlwind that our career paths can take.

I remember being 19, sitting at the dining table with my dad, flicking through University brochures for the millionth time, when he turned to me and asked “what about psychology?”. That, as my employer/mentor Alex would say, was my lightbulb moment. A feeling of satisfaction and relief that I had FINALLY found a profession that would combine my empathetic nature and need to constantly learn, followed by the thought “why hadn’t I thought of that?!”.

We know to look for signs of employee burn-out, but who's looking out for the boss? We're seeing more and more companies taking steps to enhance employee health and well-being, but what about the boss?

Most of the time business owners and managers are so concerned with keeping their teams happy and healthy, that they neglect to see the warning signs in themselves.

Think about your boss (or yourself if that's the case). Most tend to wear up to five or six hats at once, and often we find that one includes the role of "Counsellor". While empathy is of course important in running a strong team, listening to and helping "fix" employees' personal struggles can take a toll financially and emotionally. For example, having one employee confide in you will not take much time or energy, but if this is occurring multiple times per week, or worse, per day, then sooner or later it can have a profound effect on your own productivity, and even your mental health.