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Don't "Set and Forget" - Setting goals for success


We are already a quarter way through 2018, and it's time to reflect on the goals that you set at the beginning of the year! Learn how to set yourself up for success in less than four minutes!


Big Goals, Small Beliefs vs. Small Goals, Big Beliefs

Madi and Bree's first Vlog! A few quick tips and tricks for setting goals you can ACTUALLY achieve!

The Grinch Who Stole Time for Herself This Christmas

In this season of “giving” it’s important we also take time to give back to ourselves by cutting out some of the “should statements” we place on ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, there is a special kind of feeling you get when people open a gift you carefully selected for them and they adore it. It’s also a great feeling receiving a gift that aligns beautifully with your values – for example I prefer experiences over material gifts, such as travel voucher, yoga classes etc. But with this season often also comes the feelings of obligation, overfeeding, and overspending, not to mention the clutter that can come from receiving gifts, particularly if you have kids!

Now maybe you’re thinking, “geez this girl is a Grinch!”. Well no, that would be my boss Alex. She went and had an early Christmas this year with her family so that she would be able to have some quality down time (haha good joke if you know Alex!) this holiday season. She used the term “change managing” her family to eliminate unnecessary obligation, and to be honest I think she is a genius!

Alex the grinch 2 min

Alex our resident Grinch cracking down on holiday cheer (poor Breanna just wanted her raindeer lollies)

Mental Health Matters - Why I Chose to Become a Mental Health Professional

Stand with us min

Jack and I attend the Ryan Catholic College Stand With Us Day 2017

This coming week is Mental Health Week, and my colleague Jack has asked me to answer the following questions:

1. Why is mental health important to me?
2. Why did I choose to go into a professional that seeks to “help” or “improve” mental health?

I think the best way to start is by talking about one of the best random encounters with a stranger I’ve ever had...

A few weeks ago I was waiting to board my ferry home, ready to fall into bed because of “that damn cold” that everyone seemed to get this year. I was approached by a guy asking where we purchase tickets at night, as the terminal was closed. Without hesitation I helped him out, and then apologised for almost sneezing on him. Now usually being a sneezy, coughing-mess of a human will deter people from talking to you, let alone coming within a 5 metre radius. This guy however was not deterred. As we boarded the ferry, Nice Guy, (as we will refer to him) asked if it was okay to sit with me. Now, I’d just finished an almost twelve-hour day and was feeling less than chatty, but my good manners prevailed and I responded with “you’re welcome to sit with me, but don’t blame me if you get sick!”

Financial Stress and Anxiety - Costing You Your Sense

Our lives are getting busier, and learning how to relieve worry and increase our satisfaction in life is starting to become an obvious task – we can’t just hope that these things will happen without us paying close attention to them. No one is going to care more about these things than you.

Nick Blog edited min

This is me in action!

People are talking about these issues and thanks to a shift in societal awareness, mental health issues are now being addressed in the media, the corporate world and among the general public. Issues like depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts are prevalent on the posters in male bathrooms, while post-natal depression, eating disorders and self-injury are explored in female orientated print sources. There is however a growing trend for an issue which doesn't discriminate on gender, age or ethnicity – it can affect anyone.