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Career Transition Management Coaching

(Outplacement Counselling)


Help yourself to find direction and grow into a new role


Be Psyched provides Career Transition Management Coaching (outplacement counselling) to Australian Defence Force personnel who are in the process of separating from the ADF or who have been medically discharged. This is a free service for some personnel, paid for completely by the ADF. 


We tailor Career Transition Management Coaching to suit you. We help you select from a range of options, in order to best meet your identified goals. CTMC can assist you in:

  • Determining your field of employment after separation
    • Through psychometric testing and psychologist interview (and liason with your RC if applicable for medically discharged members)
    • What occupations are you going to be best suited to and most stimulated by?
  • Identifying your transferable skills and areas for personal development
    • What are your strengths and areas to improve upon, according to your personality and anticipated behaviour in the workplace?
  • Jumping over any hurdles
    • E.g. learning stress management strategies to succeed in an interview and assist you with networking
  • Discovering job search strategies
    • Start looking for organisations and roles that your skills, personal values and interpersonal style are aligned to and strategise if they are not
  • Learning interview techniques
    • Practice your interview, learn to promote yourself and reflect on your personal presentation
  • Developing a career transition plan
    • Set goals around where you are heading, what you want to achieve, how you will get there and when you will get there.


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