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Alexandra Whitehead

Director of Be Psyched
BSc(Qld), PGDip(Psych), MBA (in progress)
APS Associate, Registered Psychologist, Registered Career Development Practitioner

Alex Be Psyched

I started studying psychology at university while I was still a high school student. I was one of the first cohorts to be afforded that opportunity, which was essentially an experiment for a university. Afterwards, I received automatic entry into Bachelor of Psychology; however, I decided that I’d ‘been there, done that’ and went to another university to study Science with the goal to eventually wind up studying Medicine. Fast forward three years, I found myself sitting in an Inorganic Chemistry lecture, feeling very confused (it was only day one) wondering what on earth I’d done! On that day, I decided that I would go back to my Psychology studies. That was a really long-winded and expensive way to find my calling, yet I’ve never looked back.

Fast forward again to six years ago, I was working in a large international bank as a lead change management consultant in London. It was here that I was coaching corporate leaders through massive organisational changes and watching them successfully grow, develop and adapt. In this I had the realisation that ‘I can do this’, and that’s when the idea for Be Psyched was born. I finally had enough confidence in myself, back up by knowledge, to go out on my own with the support of those closest to me. It was one and half years later that I set up home and the Be Psyched practice in Townsville.

Petra van den Berg

Senior Psychologist

Alex Be Psyched

Choosing the right psychologist can be a very scary business. It can be difficult if you’re feeling vulnerable and are unsure about how a 'complete stranger' might be able to help you. Having a good connection with a mental health professional is of the utmost importance to establish trust and enable change. With this short bio I hope to give you a clearer understanding of my skills and approach to people who come and see me.

I grew up in the Netherlands and became interested in mental health issues from my early teens. What intrigued me was that some people encountered many adversities in their lives and could react to these situations in different ways. For example, children growing up with abuse and neglect often went on to develop psychiatric issues later in life, where as some seemed to be free of negative psychological consequences. So, I started reading literature dealing with the human mind from then on, paving my way to a career in Psychology.

At University I chose to study Life Span Psychology to satisfy my knowledge of how a person develops from baby to adulthood and through the various stages in adult life to eventually old age. This gave me a great grounding and depth of understanding of the human psyche and after 6 years of study in the Netherlands and the UK I obtained a Master's Degree in this field.

Madisen Ecker

Practice Manager
BPsych (Hons) (in progress)

Alex Be Psyched

From a very young age I was the kid who wanted to be “everything” when they grew up, and I still am! I think this is what drew me into my current career path in psychology. Psychology is an ever-evolving and rewarding profession, as we are able to provide psychoeducation and tools that enable people to flourish in all life domains.

However, had you asked me at 16 if I would be a psychologist I probably would have laughed and told you that I was going to be a teacher. I have always known that I wanted to help people and at the time I believed teaching was how I would do this. I even applied for a Bachelor of Secondary Education at JCU and was offered a position in the course, which I planned to defer for a year. After all the pressure to choose “what I wanted to be when I grow up” I realised I didn’t want to be a teacher, and declined my offer, not knowing what I wanted to be, but never doubting that I would continue on to higher education in the future. After becoming a retail manager at 18 and working full time for 2 years, I was eager to get back into study and found myself drawn to psychology as it had many options for career paths, as well as fulfilling my passion to help people.

 Three years into my Bachelor of Psychology at JCU in Townsville, I was incredibly fortunate to be offered an administration/research assistant position at Be Psyched Psychology. Not only have I evolved my skill-sets and gained a look into practical application of psychology, but working in such a positive, diverse, and genuine environment has seen me on the way to becoming my best self bot professionally and personally.

Donald McPhail

Business Development Manager
BE(Elec) Hons., CPEng, RPEQ, MBA (in progress)

Don Be Psyched

I have a passion for developing and executing strategy, and driving change. This has led me to work in a variety of roles in Australia, UK, Netherlands and USA, largely focussing on the developments of emerging technologies in order to respond to the ever evolving role they play in our lives as individuals and as a society.

In my role at Be Psyched I am responsible for the commercial management of the business, and sustainably growing and evolving our operations. I am quite excited by Be Psyched's success in securing government Advance Queensland innovation funding to develop a solution for addressing mobility challenges in allied health treatment, in partnership with CQ-University (more to come on that in 2017!).

Away from Be Psyched I have a number of other roles in organisations and the community, including being a Director of House With No Steps, a Queensland Division Committee Member for Engineers Australia, Member of the Engineering Advisory Board at James Cook University, and Senior Network Strategy and Policy Engineer at Ergon Energy.

Hussain Ahmed

Web Platform Developer
B.Tech., MIS

Hussain Be PsychedI was drawn to Townsville to take up the role of Web Platform Developer at Be Psyched. Townsville is hot! But I’m getting used t
o it! I’ve completed my Master of Information Systems at Central Queensland University and before my move to Australia, I worked at SQL DBA in India. Growing up, I always wanted to be a Database Administrator or Developer. I’m also knowledgeable in entity relationship diagrams and database designing and developing. Currently I’m working on a really cool project - developing an online web platform - ‘The Airbnb of Global Allied Health’.


What do I like about my role? It is very challenging and motivating. As i come to office, I feel like I will always have something challenging to do and today will be different to yesterday. When I resolve a technical issue or code, I feel great.


Kaitlynd Purdey

Administration Officer

Kaitlynd Be Psyched

Jack Ebert

Marketing Intern
BBus.(Marketing and HRM) (in progress)

jack photo webGrowing up I was always indecisive about what career I wanted to pursue. Some of the more seriously considered choices I dwelled on were construction worker (even wanted to call my company Jack of All Trades), physiotherapist, sport and exercise scientist, events manager, personal trainer, writer, and there are probably dozens more which flicked through my mind more than oncethe list goes on. One thing I was sure of, was that sport and fitness was always something I was drawn to. Whether it was playing, coaching, or training,fitness in general but more specifically rugby league has always been an integral part of my life. At 12 years old, I, along with a a few of my teammates from the footy club, and myself all decided to have a go at refereeing rugby league. “How hard can it be?” we all thought, “We already know all the rules”. Some lasted just one season, others a few more, but I have stuck with it and been refereeing rugby leaguegames for nearly 10 years ever since. I’ve had the opportunity to I haveofficiate e at State and National level carnivals throughout my refereeing, as well as the National Youth Competition and Intrust Super Cup, which has put me on a pathway to officiate at an elite level. I am a member of the Queensland Rugby League Referees High Performance Unit, and also a member of the National Rugby League Referees High Performance Academy. Funny how the kid who couldn’t decide on what to do with his life, now wants to make a career out of being a professional decision maker!